Moving a photo library to a new computer is easy with Picasa. It even does the right thing with the folder naming in Windows 7 vs. Vista (“Pictures” vs. “My Pictures”).

Winter skies

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The days are getting longer in leaps again. It can be unbelievably bright with the reflecting snow doubling up the sunshine. I just had to jump out for a quick walk with the camera when I saw the frosty trees through the window.

It wasn’t quite as sunny in Nuuksio on this Friday, but that didn’t stop us from having a nice walk in the woods and across the ponds. Some of the pictures turned out quite fine.

Thankfully it is too late now for this spring, but I might actually consider getting skis for next winter. Unless I get my head checked and snap out of it… I definitely mean just cross-country skiing, I’m not completely out of my mind yet. :-)

In addition to the new pictures, there’s also an RSS feed for the photo album. I don’t always write in the blog when I add pictures, but the feed will automatically pick them up.

Öljytuikustani on öljy loppunut. Tuikun säiliö on tehty huurretusta lasista, jonka läpi öljy näkyy. Itse olen pitänyt violetista öljystä, ja sitä pitäisi nyt löytää lisää — Suomesta. Ainakaan Google ei tuottanut mitään lupaavaa. Eikö suomalaisissa kaupoissa myydä kuin kirkasta lamppuöljyä?? (2)

Luminen joulu

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Joulupäivän aamuna maa löytyi valkoisena, vaikka edellisenä aamuna oli pelottavasti satanut vettä ja räntää. Iltapäivällä sade lakkasi ja kävin vanhempieni kanssa ulkona lumitöissä ja kävelyllä kylän ympäri. Nappailin kävellessä kuvia Vääpelikylästä — lumi korostaa kivasti esimerkiksi naapurin pihassa olevan karhutoteemin piirteitä.

I’ve put up some annotated Lapland photos from the trip I just took with my dad. I’ll be writing a few articles about the trip, backdating them to the actual travel dates of 17th–21st of September.

Signs of spring

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I’ve spruced up my blog header with another sample from Laura‘s recent photos. Observe the world through someone else’s eyes — check out her public gallery.

Theoretically I guess I could try and use my own photos, but I don’t take that many, and I’m much more of a tourist photographer than anything else. I also like it when I find ideas by other people that attract my attention, which keeps happening with Laura’s photos. I’m not sure I’d pay attention to all those things if I tried to walk around finding subjects to photograph. Of course, I’m also quite privileged in that she allows me to browse her “raw material” as well.

As for spring outside my home, well, at least it is getting warmer. Otherwise it has been ugly: all this rain makes the days so dark. No chance of walking around this weekend, with or without a camera.


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I’ve been wanting to change the colors on this site a bit, and I finally got started by adding the header background. The photo is courtesy of Laura Selonen, a very good friend of mine. Looking at her pictures from her walks around the neighborhood has made me want to use my camera more.

Photo album

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I’ve been experimenting with Apache::Gallery to start an easy to manage photo album on my pages. The results are now in. Thanks to the template approach it was possible to have the album share the look and feel of my site.

In the process of creating the templates I have also converted my standard layout to a PHP library. I still need to polish it quite a bit, though, but at least now it is easy to change the general look in just a couple of spots for all pages.

The next task would be to rewrite the web log from scratch with a well planned URL scheme in mind. Passing CGI variables as parameters makes it difficult to share bookmarks to articles, and the current workaround is very delicate in its configuration. The support for topic and keyword search is also lacking.