NetBSD development

Practically all software on our systems is now installed from the NetBSD packages collection. I’m the registered maintainer for the following packages. This doesn’t mean that I would do all the work for these packages. In fact other developers and users provide many updates and fixes, for which I’m very thankful.

I’ve started commenting on all my “important” pkgsrc commits, so you can read about them.

Note! I’m currently unable to update this list with current versions due to these pages being hosted outside of my home network, away from my development systems. I’m hoping to resume updates in the beginning of June, 2006. Of course, I’m continuing to work on pkgsrc and you can follow my blog for updates, if you’d like.

anomy-sanitizer 1.69
Mail message filter and sanitizer
CDDA reading utility with extra data verification features
cisco-mibs 20050210
Public SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 MIBs from Cisco.
cpogm 1.0
Copy owner, group and mode of a file
genpasswd 1.5
Random password generator
html2ps 1.0b1nb4
HTML to PostScript converter
Upgrade needed to version 1.0b3
ices-mp3 0.4nb1
Source client for a streaming server
irrd 2.2.3
Internet Routing Registry Daemon
jwhois 3.2.2nb17
Configurable WHOIS client
libshout 2.1
Connects and sends data to icecast servers
logtime 1.2
Prints date and time in a standard format
mailgraph 1.10
RRDtool frontend for mail statistics
mp 3.7.1nb1
PostScript pretty printer
mserv 0.39anb2
Local centralised music server environment
Upgrade needed to version DELETE (mserv-devel)
mstream 1.0
Mserv player package to queue tracks to IceS
netname 1.7
Return the canonical network name of a host
nmh 1.0.4nb6
Cleaned up MH mailer suite
osname 1.1
Print canonical name of operating system
p5-Apache-Gallery 0.9.1
Perl5/Apache module for handling image directories
pflogsumm 1.1.0
Produce summaries from Postfix syslog data
postgrey 1.21
Postfix Greylist Policy Server
privoxy 3.0.3nb3
Web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities
procmail 3.22nb1
Local mail delivery agent
psify 19980216
Pretty print C, CLU, SCHEME, Java and ARGUS source files
remind 3.0.22nb1
Calendar/alarm program with interpreted input language
roller 1.19nb1
Roll log files
rsnapshot 1.1.6nb1
Filesystem snapshot utility
screen 4.0.2nb1
Multi-screen window manager
sdist 1.6
Invoke rdist to distribute files to a set of hosts
skill 4.1.1
Signal processes given user names, ttys, commands, or pids
srsh 1.2
Emulate rsh client behavior using ssh
sshsh 1.0
Run a new shell with an SSH identity
ssync 1.6
Invoke rsync to distribute files to a set of hosts
stripes 2.1
Looking Glass for Zebra and Cisco Routers
sudo 1.6.8pl7
Allow others to run commands as root
sux 1.0
Set user id, preserving shell and environment, checking ssh agent
tcptraceroute 1.4nb2
Traceroute implementation using TCP packets
tcsh 6.14.00
Extended C-shell with many useful features
tmda 1.0.3nb1
Python-based SPAM reduction system
urlget 1.4
Simple command-line tool to retrieve an HTTP URL
webnew 1.3
Retrieve modification times of web documents
webster-client 20010325
Dictionary client
wml 2.0.9nb1
Web Meta Language
xcal 4.1nb1
Calendar with alarms and a notebook for X11
ywho 1.3
Who, users, uptime on clients in a sun-RPC network
45 packages. Release versions last checked on December 22nd, 2004.

I also maintain a couple of public services for all NetBSD users:

In “Upgrading NetBSD” I describe how I keep my own collection of systems up-to-date.