Winter skies

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The days are getting longer in leaps again. It can be unbelievably bright with the reflecting snow doubling up the sunshine. I just had to jump out for a quick walk with the camera when I saw the frosty trees through the window.

It wasn’t quite as sunny in Nuuksio on this Friday, but that didn’t stop us from having a nice walk in the woods and across the ponds. Some of the pictures turned out quite fine.

Thankfully it is too late now for this spring, but I might actually consider getting skis for next winter. Unless I get my head checked and snap out of it… I definitely mean just cross-country skiing, I’m not completely out of my mind yet. :-)

In addition to the new pictures, there’s also an RSS feed for the photo album. I don’t always write in the blog when I add pictures, but the feed will automatically pick them up.