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I have downloaded all my digital photos to the web album!

Using the transfer wizard in Windows XP to copy photos directly from the camera worked actually very fast. No use trying to get the Viking IntelliFlash compact flash card reader to work — it never worked under Windows 2000, and it does not work under Windows XP either…

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    It occurred to me while reorganizing the public photo album that I no longer have all my digital photos available for public viewing. I especially disliked the fact that Google had all my photos indexed in its image search. I now only publish select few pictures in the public photo album, typically related to a blog entry. If I ever expand on photography as a hobby I imagine I could publish samples or some sort of a portfolio even.

    Of course, I still keep photographs online for sharing with friends and family. The private photo album requires logging in to avoid spiders and other unnecessary access.

    Kimmo Suominen — 26.9.05 @ 23:36

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