Rocky start

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Here are some quick notes for how I got a Rocky Linux 9.3 VM up and running. (more…)

Solved slow WiFi on MacBook Pro M2

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I got a new MBP a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been migrating things to it from my previous 2015 MBP. A couple of days ago I went to a different site on my UniFi network, and unexpectedly WiFi performance on the new MBP M2 was abysmal (more…)

Some git workflows that I don’t do too often. (more…)

Virtual PTP hardware clock on KVM guests

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Using a virtual PTP hardware clock with the ptp_kvm driver and chrony is an easy solution for keeping time on guest machines synchronized to their host. Ideally the host is already keeping accurate time by tracking a set of NTP servers, but it is still probably a good idea to still add some network NTP peers on guests as well. (more…)

Refreshing old Terraform state

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If you find yourself with an old Terraform state file (say from v0.11) and you need to run terraform plan to check things out, you’ll need to make some adjustments:

  • Add a terraform block with required_providers to provide the source for the provider.
  • Remove the version statement from the provider block. (You will want to move it to the provider in the required_providers block.)
  • Adjust any other syntax changes that result in errors (terraform plan):
    • list()tolist([])
    • type = "string"type = string
    • Possibly many others…
  • Replace the provider in the existing ancient state file.
  • Refresh the providers (terraform init).
  • Plan away! (more…)

Released tcsh 6.23

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I am pleased to announce that tcsh-6.23 is now available; this is mainly a bug fix release (after 2 years) with a couple of new features:

  1. Add jobs -Z to setproctitle(3)
  2. Add ln=target in LS_COLORS
  3. Add a :Q modifier that preserves empty arguments

Please consult the Fixes file for a complete list of changes. (more…)

Version 4.8.0nb4 of misc/screen includes a couple of patches from Debian’s salsa repository to address CVE-2021-26937 and another UTF-8 combining character bug as discussed on the screen-devel mailing list.

Clean up legacy network interface naming

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Predictable network interface names are all the rage in Linux distros these days. My systems are of various vintage so most have carried on with eth0 and eth1 through upgrades by having old udev rules kept around.

To get with the times a few steps are needed: (more…)

Today I wanted to use phpMyAdmin for the first time in quite a while, only to see errors when viewing a table. Lucky for me, there was an easy fix. (more…)

Blockquoted code blocks, part 2

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For seven years I’ve maintained a small patch to PHP Markdown Extra. However, the upstream was not happy with it, so I just kept my local copy patched. Now I’ve given in: as Markdown has become very popular, it has been better to just adopt a syntax that works across different implementations (e.g. with GitHub Flavored Markdown). (more…)