Missing sounds in Asterisk

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The latest odd fix for Asterisk after an upgrade (11.13.0~dfsg-1~bpo70+1):

cd /usr/share/asterisk/sounds && ln -s en_US_f_Allison en

I don’t know when this broke. I found out because calling voicemail would fail (due to a missing password prompt sound file).

As of Asterisk 1.8 a prefix is no longer valid for choosing the busy / unavailable announcement: VoiceMail(u${ARG1}) You need to pass it in the options instead: VoiceMail(${ARG1},u)

Properly overriding caller ID

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I don’t usually call myself so I hadn’t until recently made note of my own caller ID not being what it should. Looking at CDR logs the caller ID on one of my phones changed in September 2012 from “my” extension to the extension of the phone device. (more…)

Time to upgrade Asterisk

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SIP appears to be broken in the Asterisk 1.6 packages released to address DSA-2550. I resorted to a hasty upgrade to Asterisk 1.8 from backports. (more…)

Bring back audio after Asterisk 1.6 upgrade

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I upgraded to Asterisk 1.6 some time ago, but didn’t think anything was wrong until recently. Calls coming in from Callcentric didn’t work: I received no audio. Everything had been working fine with Asterisk 1.4. I don’t get many calls, so initially I dismissed this as a temporary problem. Calls from my other four carriers kept working fine.

After some research, I noticed the following settings suggested by Callcentric:


I’ve placed this in the [general] section of sip.conf, because calls from Callcentric arrive from multiple servers and the way Asterisk handles SRV records, only one of the servers ends up mapping into the per-carrier context at any given time. It doesn’t seem to have an adverse effect on calls from other carriers. (It is just turning off functionality new to 1.6, and setting some sensible defaults.)

Asterisk installation

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Just a short note on getting a minimal Asterisk environment installed on current versions of Debian and Ubuntu:

aptitude install asterisk
m-a a-i zaptel
modprobe ztdummy

Also add ztdummy to /etc/modules so it gets loaded when the system starts.

If the m-a command is not found, install the module-assistant package.