Time to upgrade Asterisk

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New versions of the Asterisk packages for Debian were released due to security issues (DSA-2550). Unfortunately this upgrade didn’t go like in Strömsö.1

WARNING loader.c: Error loading module 'chan_sip.so': undefined symbol: sip_pvt_lock_full

I can’t imagine how this one got past QA, as I’d expect everyone to be using SIP for something in their setup. Everything on mine is connected through SIP, so nothing worked at this point. My fix was to upgrade from the 1.6 packages to the 1.8 packages available in backports.

I made some changes to my configuration to accommodate the new version. I just accepted the new versions of the the configuration files on package install and then edited the files that had local changes.


Removed the demo dial plan and replaced it with mine. Seems to work without changes.


Modify parkext, parkpos, pickupexten and all the featuremap entries to match my dial plan. Should look at parkinghints — might be a nice addition to the BLF. Should also look at automixmon, which is new and should probably be used instead of automon.


I don’t use a console sound device, so enabled noload => chan_oss.so. Added the same noload statements as I had before. Looking at the logs, could add more noload statements for unused modules.


Just commented out the provided default class and inserted my own mode=custom one. Works like before. (Note: directory needs to be a full absolute path for the custom player to work!)


Added bindaddr, rtpstart, and rtpend as needed on my setup.


I just took my old settings and plugged them in. Commented out any conflicting settings in the provided config. Noticed a new tos_text setting to complement the other tos settings. Should look at the cos settings, too. Also started using contactdeny and contactpermit, which are new. Need to migrate from username to defaultuser. Could benefit from a closer review.


Commented out the default mailboxes, added my own mailboxes and timezone definitions.