Tietenkin heti kun sain uusimman version WordPressistä paketoitua niin kehittäjät pamauttivat ulos jälleen uuden version. Suomenkielisen WordPressin kotisivulla on nyt jaossa versio Muutokset ovat pieniä, mutta ne näyttäisivät liittyvän tietoturvaan: aiheen valitsevan parametrin arvo tulisi olla numero, mutta sitä ei aiemmin tarkistettu ohjelmassa. (1)

Porcupine Tree

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Probably about two weeks ago Artsi told me I might like In Absentia by Porcupine Tree. So I got it uploaded to my iPod so I could listen to it on the train. Indeed, I liked it. I didn’t think progressive rock was made anymore, but apparenty I was wrong (you could search for “neo prog”). In Absentia is an airy and happy album — I kept it playing while I walked from the train to the office, and it went well with the cool breeze of that day. Of course, as always, there is a price for finding new music: I now own five Porcupine Tree albums already.

A new album was just released a couple of days ago and is called Deadwing. It has a much heavier rock sound. I’ve only listened to it twice, so I can’t yet say too much, other than that so far I seem to like it.

However, I’ve been more drawn to their older material. Right now I’m listening to the Stars Die double album, which is a compilation of their music from 1991–1997 released under the Delerium label. From what I understood from the biography this material is mainly solo work by Steven Wilson in tribute to the 60’s and 70’s music that insipired him. I really want to make note of my favorite songs and look up the albums on which they originally appeared.

Suomenkielinen WordPress

Kirjoitettu nukkumaanmenoaikaan suomeksi • Tägit:

WordPress korjaa RSS-virtoihin, paluuviitteisiin ja päivitysilmoituksiin liittyneitä ongelmia. Joskus minuutit tuntuvat olevan kortilla, mutta sainpas tänä iltana paketoitua suomenkielisen version:


Postilistojen hiljaisuuden ja oman käyttöni perusteella tämä versio vaikuttaisi olevan ongelmaton. Jos törmäät ongelmiin, voit kirjoittaa niistä suomenkielisen version postilistalle (tai minulle — mutta tällä hetkellä olen aika kiireinen muiden asioiden parissa).

Sencer did a new round of weblog software benchmarking. It’s an interesting read even if you are not looking to switch from what you are using.

Multilingual blogging

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David Sasaki (oso) wrote on the wp-polyglots mailing list with some questions for an article he is working on about “multilingual, multicultural, and transnational blogs.” I answered him and I also wanted to post here about blogging in two languages.

As you may have seen my blog now respects the language settings of your browser. You will not see posts in languages that you have not enabled in your browser (unless your settings would rule out all posts). If you want to see all posts, just make sure your browser is configured to requests both English and Finnish content. To exclude a language, check that your browser settings include all the languages you do want to see.

As an example, if your browser is configured to only prefer content in German (de), you would currently see all posts (since I don’t have any in German). If you’d rather not see the Finnish content, you can add English (en) to the list of preferred languages. This would result in the Finnish ones to be excluded (just force a reload of the page).

Read on for the questions and answers… (more…)

I took a personality test to get this morning started, and found out I’m a starving artist. :-) [via Minna] (more…)
I’ve learned that many people don’t look at the time of a post. Well, I do — and it disturbed me that the times on my posts didn’t match the time of day that I was writing them. So I’ve adjusted the blog part to use US Eastern time again, until I’ve actually moved to another time zone. Outside the blog you will continue to see Finnish (a.k.a. East European) time.
I took a few minutes to upgrade leafnode to version 1.11.2 as news/leafnode to address a denial of service vulnerability. Update your pkgsrc tree to get the new version.

DoFollow 2.0

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I’ve released DoFollow 2.0 to go with WordPress 1.5.1. The functionality is the same as before, and the plugin can be used with (an unpatched) 1.5 as well.

The patch I had proposed to core WordPress functionality is gone: the developers prefer to keep the current nofollow implementation as is. If you had previously applied the patch, you can download a copy from Mosquito issue #1087 and reverse it (e.g. using patch -p -R).

I wanted to make this change to DoFollow, as it removes a chunk of code that was digging in some internal structures of WordPress that don’t have an exposed and documented API. Now it is much less likely that changes to DoFollow would be required for maintaining compatibility with future WordPress releases.

Suomenkielinen WordPress 1.5.1

Kirjoitettu illalla suomeksi • Tägit:

Uusi WordPress 1.5.1 on ilmestynyt, ja nyt myös suomenkielinen versio on valmis. Sen voi noutaa osoitteesta


Uusista ominaisuuksista voi lukea Dev Blogin ilmoituksesta. Uusi versio sisältää tietoturvaa parantavan korjauksen, joten päivittäminen on suositeltavaa.

Erityisesti haluan kiittää Minnaa käännöksen tason kohottamisesta.