I’ve been switching my NetBSD machines to using a serial console lately, as it is easier to copy output from it (no more screen shots). (more…) (2)
How to create an L2TP IPsec tunnel to NetBSD so it works with your Android phone, iPhone or other iOS device, Mac OS X, and a bunch of other things as well.
There is an Official NetBSD Blog now. I’ve added it to the NetBSD Planet.
SourceForge has improved their CVS infrastructure. Instead of checking out all of pkgsrc-wip from scratch, you could just fix the already checked out tree. (more…)

IPv6 is here

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I’ve had IPv6 connectivity for over 5 years (first from IIJ, now from SixXS). However, it wasn’t until last night that I finally got my website on IPv6, when some final wrinkles in the web server configuration were ironed out. (more…)

NetBSD News Beat

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I have started a new page about NetBSD: the NetBSD Planet is aggregated from a number of feeds that publish NetBSD-related articles. As of now there are seven sources, listed at the bottom of the news page.

I’d be glad to add more feeds to the page, so please send in suggestions either by commenting on this article or by emailing me. Feeds in any RSS version or Atom can be included.

Server trouble

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I just hate it when I test a new version of NetBSD on a couple of machines successfully, and only run into trouble when I push the ugprade to a busy server. After upgrading the server where these pages live to 3.99.1 the machine paniced in the TCP/SACK routines roughly once every 36 hours (really has to do with the traffic, not time). I tried upgrading again, to 3.99.3, but that was worse: the machine would hang within 2 hours. Now I’ve downgraded back to 3.99.1 and disabled SACK, hoping to get a stable environment.

I’m still running 2.99.15 on other busy machines, and it has been very solid — I cannot recall a single panic, hang or crash. It’s just that a) somebody needs to test the new stuff, b) I keep hearing things like “it only happens on your machine” (ugh) and c) holding off from upgrading for too long tends to make for painful upgrades. However, it might still be possible to convince me to run the netbsd-3 stable branch…

So if you can’t read this, please check back soon — I’m just recovering from a panic. :-)

EtherIP added to NetBSD

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Hans Rosenfeld ported EtherIP support from OpenBSD to NetBSD 2.0. Today I’ve committed that work to NetBSD-current, to be included in future releases of NetBSD.

EtherIP (RFC-3378) makes it possible to bridge Ethernet networks using tunnels over the Internet. While you could already use tunnels for IP traffic, now they can be used for any Ethernet traffic. I’m looking forward to using the Internet with my friends to play legacy networked games that only use IPX for LAN communication.

To setup a bridged network using tunnels, you need to create gif(4) interfaces for the tunnels, and a bridge(4) interface to connect the tunnels and the Ethernet (LAN) interfaces. (more…)