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I have started a new page about NetBSD: the NetBSD Planet is aggregated from a number of feeds that publish NetBSD-related articles. As of now there are seven sources, listed at the bottom of the news page.

I’d be glad to add more feeds to the page, so please send in suggestions either by commenting on this article or by emailing me. Feeds in any RSS version or Atom can be included.


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    Did you look at zfeeder?

    It’s all PHP based, and it’s easy to build CSS themes for it.

    Adam — 15.1.06 @ 2:05

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    If I want to know what happens in the blogospere I usually search for “netbsd OR pkgsrc” at technorati:

    Karsten Kruse — 16.1.06 @ 13:16

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    Adam — I think I looked at zFeeder when I settled on Feed on Feeds (FoF) as my aggregator for personal reading. It looks like nothing has happened with zFeeder recently, and also I don’t really want a PHP-based solution this time, as I’d prefer to pre-generate HTML files for visitors to retrieve (scales much better than having a MySQL database queried for every visitor). I also like MagpieRSS (the backend for FoF) although I don’t think I’ve deployed it elsewhere on my site currently. The upside of using the same backend would be sharing cache files.

    Anyway, as you might have noticed, I’ve worked on the layout for the site quite a bit. I went with pure CSS at first, but as I wanted a colored background on the sidebar (to better highlight the tabs for different sites) I really needed equal width columns for the main content and the sidebar. A solution with tables uses less building blocks, so tables it became…

    Karsten — Thanks for the tip! I’ve added a couple more feeds from browsing the Technorati search results. I also found some interesting articles from sites that didn’t end up as a source feed. I think I’ll be posting those on your #NetBSD Community Blog as I see them. (First one about NetBSD on Soekris boxes already posted!)

    Kimmo Suominen — 17.1.06 @ 13:00

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