Updated sudo

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I updated security/sudo to 1.8.31. A fix for CVE-2019-18634 is included.

Originally only versions before 1.8.26 were thought to be vulnerable. Later analysis, however, showed that versions 1.8.26 – 1.8.30 are also vulnerable.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Fixed CVE-2019-18634, a buffer overflow when the pwfeedback sudoers option is enabled on systems with uni-directional pipes. Read the published security alert for more information.

  • The sudoedit_checkdir option now treats a user-owned directory as writable, even if it does not have the write bit set at the time of check. Symbolic links will no longer be followed by sudoedit in any user-owned directory. Bug #912.

  • Fixed sudoedit on macOS 10.15 and above where the root file system is mounted read-only. Bug #913.

  • Fixed a crash introduced in sudo 1.8.30 when suspending sudo at the password prompt. Bug #914.

  • Fixed compilation on systems where the mmap MAP_ANON flag is not available. Bug #915.