Euro conversions for the Audi

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Not everything is considered a user (driver) preference, apparently. Temperature display in Fahrenheit or Celsius is switchable, but the odometer readout cannot be switched to kilometers just like that. Daytime running lights (DRL) is mentioned in the manual as an option that can be configured by the dealer. Did you know that a U.S. radio cannot tune into all frequencies on the FM band?

This weekend Otto helped me get some things reconfigured:

  • temperature display
  • odometer readout
  • daytime running lights

The radio still needs to be adjusted. The 2003+ Audi A4 models have more on-board diagnostic capable devices than a single K-bus can handle, so there are 2 buses. Unfortunately the equipment we had could only communicate with the first bus, and the radio appears to be on the second bus. In any case, there is supposed to be a country ID there (if its values were just known).

Read on for the details. (more…)

Suomenkielinen WordPress 1.5.2

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WordPress 1.5.2 on pääasiassa tietoturvapäivitys. Päivittäminen on helppoa: kopioi vaan uudet tiedostot vanhan asennuksen tiedostojen päälle. Suomenkielisen paketin voi nyt ladata tutusta paikasta:

Jos törmäät ongelmiin, voit kysellä apua suomenkielisen version postilistalla.

I got my Audi from the movers today!!! :-) (2)

I’m here

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I’ve been in Finland for roughly three weeks now, and I’m finally beginning to actually organize my life. Not that I’ve been slacking all this time, but it has just been time on auto-pilot. Now I have to start planning what to do in the medium to long term.

I sprained my foot towards the end of my visit with my brother and his family. I had to walk on crutches for a while, but the doctors have confirmed there are no broken bones. (Many thanks to Gudrun and Juha for all the help while I couldn’t do much in Germany, and to my parents as well as Laura and Arto in Finland!) I still can’t walk normally, but I did leave the last crutch at home as I departed for Helsinki a couple of days ago.

I got my car cleared through customs yesterday. The moving company says it takes them until “Monday or maybe Tuesday” to get the car out of the container, even though the shipper said the container would be released today… I can’t wait to be driving in my own car again!

Entity fix for WordPress

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I was having trouble with ½ and ¾ in an article I was trying to publish on another WordPress-powered site. First I thought my browser was acting up, but soon became doubtful and realized I should look at the source of the page generated by WordPress. To my surprise I saw that the entity codes had been deliberately mangled.

I tracked down the source of the problem in the WordPress code. This patch fixes the problem.