Mailman file permissions

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Another long-standing nuisance resolved: the files in the Mailman package end up with incorrect permissions, resulting in a non-functional installation. Running check_perms -f will report the problem and fix the permissions. (See PR pkg/24041 for details.)

After some more learning about the machinery, I’ve committed a fix that makes sure files are installed correctly.

Killed by signal 11

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I’ve been getting segmentation violation deaths in the Postfix smtp client for quite some time. I don’t remember which upgrade introduced them — especially because the problem only exhibited itself on the busiest mail server I have, It handles between 50,000 and 100,000 transactions daily.

Yesterday I dug into the topic with the help of Google. Many of the threads discussing the “killed by signal 11” problem suggested removing TLS or SASL or both from Postfix, which was not an option for me. I also didn’t think they would be the problem, because both have been deployed before the errors started. (more…)

Now that the pkgsrc freeze is over I’ve committed a new package for postgrey 1.17 into the repository as mail/postgrey. I like using postgrey because it uses a regexp-based configuration for whitelisting and exceptions. I also feel it is easier to have db4-based storage on each mailhost, rather than having to deploy and maintain MySQL everywhere.

Greylisting deployed

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Half a year ago I mentioned greylisting as an option to fight spam. A few months ago enabled greylisting and it made a huge difference in the amount of spam and viruses being forwarded to me. Now I finally got around to deploying postgrey on the Global Wire mail infrastructure.

Greylisting is so simple that it seems strange that it is as effective as it is. I’m certainly going to enjoy it as long as it keeps working. Unfortunately I don’t expect that to be more than a year…

For implementations of greylisting on different platforms, have a look at


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I’ve been wanting to change the colors on this site a bit, and I finally got started by adding the header background. The photo is courtesy of Laura Selonen, a very good friend of mine. Looking at her pictures from her walks around the neighborhood has made me want to use my camera more.