Fixed width plain text in Outlook

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One less Outlook annoyance: How to show fixed font for plain text

  • File > Options > Mail > Stationery and Fonts
  • Set the font for plain text e-mails to a monospaced font (e.g. Consolas)

Why is this not the default…

Network hostname lookup trouble

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Some programs sometimes fail to use the DNS search list to look up names of local hosts on my Mavericks laptop. I don’t recall ever having had this problem with earlier OS X versions. (more…)

Unbound not resolving

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I’m not sure what failed last night, but I’m guessing the cable Internet connection was down. Interestingly, unbound had stopped resolving even local zones configured with stub-zone and stub-addr directives. This was unexpected: stub-zones are supposed to work “without referring to the public Internet” per the unbound.conf manual page.

To mitigate the issue I wanted to have backup name servers in resolv.conf (ones using a different Internet connection) even on the resolving name server hosts themselves. With resolvconf that boiled down to creating /etc/default/resolvconf with the following setting in it:


This way name servers configured in /etc/network/interfaces (using dns-nameservers directives) are included in resolv.conf even when unbound has been started.

However, this is a poor workaround, as I don’t have multiple Internet connections at every site.

To really get gapless playback, do not use local file sources with Spotify. (more…)
Finally figured out why Startup: Never doesn’t work in Parallels: I was being bitten by Lion’s resume feature. To actually obey the startup and shutdown settings of each virtual machine, one needs to select Disable Resume for Parallels Desktop in its settings.