Network speed and IRQ affinity

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By default many Linux network interface card drivers set their SMP affinity mask to either all zeroes or all ones (“ff” — the length of the mask depends on the number of CPUs on the system). The former results in all queues and interfaces running on CPU ID 0, which can become a performance bottleneck due to insufficient computing power. The latter results in all queues and interfaces being scheduled on multiple CPUs, which can become a performance bottleneck due to increased CPU memory cache misses. (more…)

Skype settings

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For whatever reason my Windows desktop profile is not reflected to my Citrix apps. So I get to figure out the settings that I’ve changed over the years all over again.

In Skype for Business I want a fixed width font and no emoji.

  • Click the Settings menu in the main Skype window (the cog icon).
  • Select IM on the left.
  • Uncheck the box for Show emoticons in messages.
  • Click the Change Font button and choose Consolas.

Alexa, what time is it?

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This morning Alexa was an hour behind — she hadn’t moved to DST. A quick search on Google showed that last year DST switching had worked.

The top hit, however, was a fresh Reddit thread with Alexa users reporting the same issue. After keeping an eye on it, I saw a user come up with the solution that worked for me (and it is the only solution on the thread so far).

Launch the Alex app and go to Settings, select a device, and change the timezone

  • from America/Eastern Standard Time
  • to US/Eastern Standard Time

The fix takes immediately: just ask “Alexa, what time is it?” — no power cycling needed.