Minimum requirements

Written in the mid-afternoon in English

I just had a moment of contentment for being able to copy files using UNC paths across the Internet between different sites. This is thanks to having spent too many hours figuring out limitations and quirks in the routers, access points, firewalls and servers in the picture. Last night I finally moved all IPv4 traffic to my new DMVPN tunnels.

As a result I have realized what the minimum IT hardware requirements are for comfortable living.

In no specific order, the following hardware should be deployed:

  1. A workstations with 1920×1200 or better resolution.
  2. Internet, 3 Mbps or faster.
  3. A headset, preferably USB to separate it from speakers as an audio device.
  4. A Squeezebox music player.
  5. Wi-Fi, preferably 802.11n with simultaneous radios and WPA2.
  6. A SIP phone for VoIP.
  7. A printer, preferably network attached, color and laser.
  8. A scanner.
  9. VLAN-capable switches to carry Internet, public and private data around.
  10. Plenty of network attached storage (NAS).
  11. A proper router, preferably capable of DMVPN (NHRP, IPsec, OSPF).
  12. A video player, e.g. WD Live TV or Mac Mini with Front Row.
  13. A UNIX-server for DNS, DHCP, PXE, TFTP and other services.
  14. A barcode reader, preferably CCD or laser.

It is surprisingly annoying when you suddenly don’t have your usual tools available to you. While a single laptop can go a long way all by itself, it is no comparison for having the proper tools in their proper places.