High CPU load from Firefox

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“Suddenly” Firefox had begun to pin the CPU at 100% even when not doing anything. I started to uninstall related recently added software. Looks like the culprit was swfdec-mozilla, which I had added hoping to get Cooliris working (no such luck — didn’t work with flashplugin-installer either). No flash now, but also no load when browsing the web. (And no burning sensation from the laptop.)

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    I don’t like Flash. It is more trouble than it’s worth.

    I like: – nspluginwrapper+nspluginplayer – feh+cli http clients (or feh -Q)

    …for viewing swf and heaps of photos, with speed, efficiency and stability.

    Why do it through a website and/or via some complex or proprietary software when you can do it simply on your own machine with simple, open source software?

    Hype (priming), maybe?

    argv — 9.8.09 @ 1:08

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