DoFollow 3.0

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Version 3.0 of the DoFollow plugin can differentiate between comments left by registered users and other visitors. You can select between 3 scope choices:

  • Remove nofollow from all comments.
  • Only remove nofollow from comments posted by registered users.
  • Remove nofollow immediately from comments posted by registered users and use the timeout for other visitors.

On (very) old WordPress versions the scope will just have no effect, i.e. the plugin will operate just like its earlier versions. This is also what the first choice does.



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    Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/chezfran/www/www/wordpressfr/wp-content/plugins/dofollow.php on line 44

    Merci de faire la correction.

    France — 23.8.07 @ 22:58

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    You need to activate the plugin first, before trying to access its configuration page.

    Kimmo Suominen — 25.8.07 @ 0:06

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    in my opinion, only those who give the option of readers registering on their blog will benefit from this upgrade. So the others can just stay on the old plugin. However, is there blogs out there that still requires someone to register before enabling him/her to comment!?

    Linden man — 13.9.07 @ 10:20

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    There are plenty of blogs where registration is an option or even required. In fact, this feature was requested and it was easy enough to implement without adding any processing overhead in general (i.e. no extra database lookups), so there it is.

    Kimmo Suominen — 13.9.07 @ 11:20

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