The pictures are back!

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Well, this is only for those of you who browse with MSIE: the images on my (non-blog) pages are back. For example, I’m sure the Proxy through SSH document is easier to follow with the screen captures visible, instead of staring at blank spots. (The blog pages were already fixed earlier.)

I wonder how many more times I’m going to be writing about the same problem — it is just so very annoying that I have to at least vent a little after fixing the same thing over and over. This time I had to add an extra <div> element on the pages, which makes it even more frustrating (“unnecessary” extra elements). Well, I put some comments in the code so I’d remember why it is there…

Not that I noticed this one on my own, either. I was talking to someone about a page, and got an odd “what picture?” response. At least I now immediately remember to fire up MSIE when I hear something like that.

Alternative browsers you could switch to: Firefox and Opera.