Anomy Sanitizer 1.76

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Updated Anomy Sanitizer to version 1.76 in pkgsrc.

Notable changes:

  • The most common/important file formats are recognized based on file contents, not just file name and MIME-type. Detects WMF files, to allow reliable blacklisting. Detects when people try to disguise non-JPEG/GIF/PNG content as such files and defangs such attachments.

  • Bug fixed, where disinfection wouldn’t result in the modification count of a message being incremented. Some 3rd party systems rely on the modification count to determine whether to use the output or not. This is a critical fix for such systems.

  • Improved handling of Yahoo DomainKeys.

  • Fixed crash when multiple Content-Transfer-Encoding headers were present in the same message part.

  • Added, to the distribution. This program has nothing to do with security, but uses the MIMEStream parser to extract images from e-mail and can subsequently generate thumbnails and re-post both text and images to a web-site, to implement email-to-www gateway functionality. (E.g. mobile blogging.)