DoFollow and nightlies

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If you are running a recent nightly or svn checkout, you’ll probably need to upgrade to DoFollow 1.3.

The patch detection stopped working due to a change in the wp_filters data structure. I probably should not be looking inside such stuff, but there is no interface to check if a filter has been enabled. I don’t have any other clever way to see if the speedup patch has been applied. (And I don’t want to give up hope yet on the patch being committed to svn one day…)

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    DoFollow 2.0

    I’ve released DoFollow 2.0 to go with WordPress 1.5.1. The functionality is the same as before, and the plugin can be used with (an unpatched) 1.5 as well.

    The patch I had proposed to core WordPress functionality is gone: the developers prefer …

    i summon one kim — 11.5.05 @ 6:07

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