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Due to the low volume of comments on my site, I didn’t think it is necessary to tag links in comments with the rel="nofollow" attribute. All the links in the handful of comments that exist are just fine. I created a plugin to disable such automatic tagging.

Download: dofollow.php

Tagging for automatically converted links and the author URL was not using filters, so I put together a patch that preserves the original behaviour through using the wp_rel_nofollow filter. By using filters, it is possible for a plugin to disable the tagging, and the DoFollow plugin does just that.

Patch: nofollow.diff

I did not modify wp_rel_nofollow to append to an existing rel attribute, although I thought that would be a nice touch…

Update: The patch is no longer required, so you can use this plugin on an unmodified WordPress installation. I have also added an optional timeout value, so you can have rel="nofollow" added to recent comments only. The timeout was inspired by Christoph Rummel’s no-nofollow plugin.


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    Hi David!

    A manual approval would require modifications to the database schema, which I’d rather not do. I’m glad that the timeout works for you. Another option would be to force all comments to moderation, but — like me — you’d probably prefer comments to appear immediately.

    I just switched on Spam Karma yesterday and re-opened comments on all entries in my blog. So far so good, and I’m hoping things can stay this way. If I see spam trickling in, I’ll just enable the timeout in DoFollow.

    Kimmo Suominen — 8.3.05 @ 14:34

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    I am thinking of switching to WordPress (MT is annoying me) however I want to have full control over this nofollow stuff. Can your plugin allow ‘nofollow’ until I manually approve comments?

    David Russell — 8.3.05 @ 9:38

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    I would edit the previous comment if possible, but I just read the whole ‘timeout’ thing which is adequate for my needs :P

    David Russell — 8.3.05 @ 11:52

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