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I have new versions of Firefox running on my computers, and I was busy adding block images rules on each one. I thought this was less than ideal, so I decided to give Privoxy a new try. I saw that a new version is out, so I updated the www/privoxy package as well. Apart from getting more up-to-date filters, there’s a memory leak fix and I could also enable threads for parallel request handling.


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    Does it really work? I’ve tried privoxy 3.0.3 from pkgsrc at least twice now, and each time it hangs within 5 minutes of start. I’d definately want to use it, but since it can’t be used for more than a few minutes before it starts to block (as in system call blocks), it is useless. Maybe it does not work well with my old current (due to threads?).

    Arto Selonen — 14.10.04 @ 12:23

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    I’m running privoxy 3.0.3 under 2.0G and I’m happy with its performance on my home network (i.e. very light load use). I’m pointing my browsers at a squid proxy cache, which talks to privoxy as its parent. Squid was also told to prefer parent caches over direct connections:

    # Define Privoxy as parent proxy (without ICP) cache_peer parent 8118 0 no-query default prefer_direct off

    Earlier I was running privoxy on 1.6ZG (or maybe something a bit earlier than that even). Without threads I would sometimes have to wait for a response, which I presume to stem from blocking on some part of the privoxy code. With threads enabled I would see deadlocks that don’t recover.

    However, as I said above, with 2.0G and threads it is performing ok for my needs.

    Kimmo Suominen — 15.10.04 @ 12:08

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