Paged browsing with WordPress

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I really like WordPress!

I had made some tweaks (e.g. setting the charset in Content-Type headers) and hadn’t really heard back on my emails to the developers. This made me a little worried about upgrading the code on my site. As I run code from CVS as opposed to a release, there might be major issues after running cvs update.

As it turns out, there were some conflicts, but they were mostly mechanical differences around the Content-Type header. One or two were related to patches I’ve written about before, but nothing major.

Since I hadn’t really thought about what the procedure would be, here’s a quick outline for any other “daredevils” diving into it:

  1. Fix any conflicts reported by cvs.
  2. Goto
  3. Click on the link in the “Upgrading” section (…/wp-admin/upgrade.php)
  4. Goto the admin section and enable any plugins you were using. (Oh, yes, you could make a note of them before you start the whole process…)
  5. If you use a custom URL scheme, cut & paste the .htaccess rules again — there are new rules to be added.
  6. Update your custom index.php (if you have one) by looking at the index.php from CVS.

In that last step you can also add calls to posts_nav_link() to enable paged browsing. This is a really great feature: no more huge pages when browsing a category. Also, from the index page it is now possible to browse entries as far back as you want, one nice size page at a time.

Since my blog is rather small, I had not worried about this until recently, and here is the solution already. Perfect!