Hannu visits

Written early in the evening in English

Hannu visited me for a few days, on his way to San Francisco. Also a member of the “people not seen often enough” club, it was great to have him. I just wish Teija would have been with him.

The great thing about visitors is that I get to play tourist, too, in my home town! We went to several places I had never visited before:

  • The City QuilterHannu was picking up some fabrics to bring back for Teija. The staff at the store were absolutely wonderful, and really knew their product selection.
  • Cathedral of St. John Divine — I even used to live nearby, but never got around to visit back then.
  • The Bronx Zoo — Lots to see, but I’d recommend visiting during cooler weather. Not just to save yourself, but the animals won’t be hiding as much either.

The other great thing about visitors is that it is a great reason to arrange for some time off from work…