Pretty PostScript

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I hadn’t kept an eye on new developments in my favorite PostScript converter, mp for a while. Last I remember, I tracked down its home when I added it to pkgsrc as print/mp. It does a great job at printing mail, news and other documents. It also comes with templates to use with various day-runner formats.

A couple of days ago Hubert relayed a message from Rich Burridge, the author of mpdist, that the version in pkgsrc is really old. He had included the URL to its new home, so I spent some time bringing us up to the latest and greatest.

One upgrade down, a gazillion to go…

Apache::Gallery updated again

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Naturally as I am done with an upgrade, a security issue is announced regarding Apache::Gallery‘s use of the Inline module. A new version of Apache::Gallery was released, with new beta state modules as dependencies: Image::Imlib2 directly and Module::Build indirectly. (What’s wrong with good old Make::Maker, I ask!)

After figuring out Module::Build and then staring at strange shared library resolution problems with Image::Imlib2, I simply put in an ugly kludge. I just have a feeling that this will come back to bite me one day.

The new Apache::Gallery comes with two sets of templates: default and new. I’m yet to try them out — I just made the minimal adjustment for now to keep the existing albums working. The folder.png image was renamed to agfolder.png, and it is used in dir.tpl.

NetBSD packages updated

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I’ve been running a new version of Apache::Gallery for a while (a couple of months, actually) on my on-line photos. It has all been working well, and is easier to maintain than the old one, so I committed the changes to the NetBSD pkgsrc repository.

The complete list of packages is:

While at it, I also committed a fix for tilde expansion in rdist6, and a fix I finally managed to find for Samba DFS support for Windows XP clients.