Lazy Saturday

Written early in the afternoon in English

Well, at least half a Saturday (just in case Otto is reading this — I’m working on the new NetBSD kernel, really). With the day’s chores completed I can look forward to a (hopefully) double-feature movie night, in a big screen home theater!

Since the last few Saturdays have been more or less work-filled (well, last Saturday most of my time was spent waiting, but nevertheless) it is nice to have a day with my very own agenda. Sleep late, have some breakfast and good coffee, check mail (the on-line kind), have a chat with my friends

On the NetBSD front I would need to accomplish a couple of things: enable MPPE for PPTP connections, and try to debug IPsec panics. The latter are caused by more recent kernels, which are required by the former. Fun!

Movie choices for tonight include Moulin Rouge! that I’m told must be viewed on a huge screen, The Terminator with a brand new 5.1 stereo remix, and The Score which comes with very mixed reviews. But that’ll be another entry.