Welcome to Stamford

Written in the mid-afternoon in English

So much for Manhattan, then… A week ago I moved all the computers to my apartment, with the help of Christos, Karen and Larry.

I’ve spent hours tweaking configurations to make sure all the home pages, mail and domains are functioning like before. There is still work to be done, and I also want to replace one of the computers with a quieter one (yes, I get to listen to these all day and night).

The old DNS server with some supporting infrastructure is still running on Manhattan, until I have a new one in Stamford to take over its role. The Astron FTP server is also still on Manhattan. The GW FTP server is still unavailable.

Servers that are accessed from the Internet will all be dual-homed due to technical restrictions on the DSL line (it is a bridged connection). Each machine will need a second network card with an external IP address and a firewall access list. To make the experience smooth for users I also have to setup dual DNS. This should all be completed by the end of the month.