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I don’t usually like movies with lots of violence, but I just have to make an exception here (once again). The camera work and the soundtrack combine extremely well with the plot. You will not want to leave your seat for a minute.

The experience from watching Snatch is a combination of Pulp Fiction and Fight Club (yeah, I know — hardly an original comment for this movie). Yet it is not a copy of either one. The plot moves at an extremely fast pace so don’t blink your eyes. Except for one or two predictable turns the movie keeps far ahead of you.

The amount of violence is unfortunate. It is so well put together that it is sad that I cannot recommend it to all my friends. I guess the well picked soundtrack softens some of the rawest parts for me.

I’m now definitely going to have to see other films by Guy Richie, especially Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.