Shawn Colvin: Whole New You

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Another melancholy smooth album from Shawn Colvin. Excellent for those evenings of headphone listening.

I can put on Whole New You any evening and listen to it from beginning to end, and it always ends too soon. My favorite songs are Another Plane Went Down, Bonefields and A Matter of Minutes.

Another album from Shawn that has gotten a lot of play time here is A Few Small Repairs. I just love those train whistles on Wichita Skyline. This is actually the first album that I heard from her — so for me it has that original Shawn sound to it.

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    My favorite number on the cd ‘whole new you’ is ‘a matter of minutes’ although I rate the whole album her best. I’m a guitar player (hobbiest) and just can’t quite figure out those chords and can’t seem to find them published anywhere.

    Winn Henslee — 20.4.05 @ 7:50

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