Using multiple keyboard layouts

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Hitting Alt Left Shift is second nature to me by now — that’s how you switch keyboard layouts in Windows. I use the U.S. keyboard layout for most things: not just writing in English but also at the Unix command prompt or when writing code. But when chatting in Finnish, the Finnish keyboard layout is a must (for “ääkköset”).

On Mac OS X it is possible to implement something similar, but different. (more…)

Use your iPod with multiple computers

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Okay, you can use an iPod or iPad with more than one computer, which is good news for me. Just set the device to Manually manage music and videos on its home iTunes computer first.

Unfortunately there are exceptions to this rule: the only iPod that can be freely connected to both Mac OS and Windows computers is the iPod Touch. The iPad allows for this as well.

For more information: Using iPhone, iPad, or iPod with multiple computers

PuTTY: Strange packet received: type 3

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Direct connections from PuTTY to Cisco routers kept dying on this error, so I finally ran a search. The workaround is to disable re-key on the SSH session. In the PuTTY settings dialogue, goto

Connection > SSH > Kex

Change the following values to zero:

Max minutes before rekey: 0
Max data before rekey: 0