Since I added microformats to my site just about a year ago, the spec has been changed to use more distinct class names. I’ve updated my site to match. (more…)
I have been wondering why archived copies of my site look so ugly in the Wayback Machine. Today I realized it is all my fault: they obey my robots.txt file, which disallows crawling the directory with all the style sheets in it. I’ve fixed that, but it’ll be quite some time before they catch up to today…
I just completed testing my plugins with WordPress 2.1-alpha3 and they all work correctly. This should mean that it is safe to continue using them with WordPress 2.1, once it is released.

Multibyte Mail for WordPress

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The Multibyte Mail plugin replaces the wp_mail() function with one that tries to encode the usual email message headers that might contain 8-bit data. It should work well with the core WordPress code as well as any plugins, unless the plugin is sending out some unusual headers.

If you receive bounces for comments on articles with 8-bit (or multibyte) characters in their title (or in the name of the comment author), this plugin should prove helpful. (more…)