Sort of moved in

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I have officially moved in into my new home as of today. It feels different to be living in a place you own: I can make changes as I see fit, and it makes more sense to improve the place than when renting. Now it is just a matter of priorities — there are a number of changes in my mind already, but I really need to focus on what needs to be done immediately, what should wait, and what has a long delay and thus should be started already.

While this definitely feels like home in the sense that it is my place it is still lacking something from the feel of home due to not yet having a proper bed or a washing machine or rugs or window shades or…

However, incredibly I do have the whole place cleaned up already and everything unpacked, on a very large part due to the generous help of Laura. How could I even consider slacking when she was volunteering her time to get everything ready? Thank you so much, Laura!

I got my new home! Artsi took some pictures to remember what it looks like before moving in. (Sorry, the pics are in my private photo album now.)