I’ve been looking at rsnapshot for a while now. Today I needed to implement backups over a slow Internet link, so I packaged rsnapshot to see if it would fit my needs.

Another weekend “computerized”

Written late in the evening in English

After 2 days of compiling, we have no more vulnerable packages installed once again. However, I was unable to recompile XFCE, due to xscreensaver not compiling due to the gle library not compiling: it thinks it cannot find the GLU library… (yet the pkgsrc framework says it is there…)

I was supposed to build a mail server this weekend, but that did not happen as I was spending time with the upgrades. However, I will try hard to get it done next weekend, as it would help with the stupidity (a DoS attack?) going on against our combined firewall and SMTP server. I think it keeps running out of memory at times, and dropping connections. By this I don’t mean just SMTP connections, but apparently IP flow states get lost if there is not enough memory, and suddenly I just see a “read error” from my ssh client on a remote network and lose the connection.