WordPress 1.5 Bug Fixes

This plugin can be activated to fix bugs in the WordPress 1.5 release.

Format Excerpt

Download: formatexcerpt.php
Save the file in the wp-content/plugins directory and activate it. No other configuration needed.
Bug Description
When no explicit excerpt is provided, one is generated from the post content. However, filters are not applied to the content before using it. This leaves unwanted markup in the post, when using Markdown or Textile.
Provided Fix
This plugin replaces the wp_trim_excerpt function with one that applies the filters for the_content before using it to construct the excerpt.
Bug Description
No filters are attached to the excerpt that is entered into feeds. Both an explicit and a generated excerpt is sent with unwanted markup when using Markdown or Textile.
Provided Fix
This plugin attaches a filter to the_excerpt_rss that applies the filters for the_excerpt, so that the necessary markup processing takes place.
See also:
Mosquito issue #000918: Unformatted excerpts
» Fixed by this plugin
» Changeset 2443, resolved in 1.5.1-alpha (2005-03-14)
Mosquito issue #001085: Trackbacks send unformatted data
» Not fixed by this plugin — Download patch
» Changeset 2442, resolved in 1.5.1-alpha (2005-03-14)