Linux Kickstart (Red Hat 7.1)

1: making the build machine

  1. start with a clean redhat install out of the cd rom
  2. make a directory called /u/RedHat-7.1 and in it extract the RedHat and images directories
  3. compile and install zoularis
  4. compile nvi and install it as /bin/nvi and /bin/nex
  5. mv /bin/vi /bin/vim /bin/ex /bin/exm and make /bin/vi and /bin/ex point to the nvi binaries
  6. compile and install freerdist, replacing rdist and rdistd [save old files into file.FCS]
  7. compile and install postfix
  8. mv /usr/sbin/sendmail{,.FCS} and link the postfix sendmail to it
  9. fix /etc/postfix /etc/passwd /etc/shadow /etc/yp.init /etc/sysconfig/network /var/yp/securenets etc. [elaborate]
  10. tar up the pieces you changed add any other rpm’s and the post script into pack

2: making the boot floppy

  1. dd if=/u/RedHat-7.1/images/bootnet.img of=/dev/fd0H1440
  2. mount -t msdos /dev/fd0 /mnt
  3. copy ks.cfg into it
  4. copy syslinux.cfg into it
  5. umount /mnt

3: making a client machine

  1. put in the linux kickstart floppy and turn on the machine
  2. all the necessary packages will now be installed; you can move the floppy to the next machine you are building as soon as the install progress bar appears; the machine will automatically reboot when it has completed installation, so make sure to remove the floppy before that
  3. the following steps may not have to be run
  4. if you are having trouble getting the site up, su root and run /home/httpd/blink/bin/FixHost
  5. if this is a development machine, change the entry in /home/httpd/blink/properties/<machine-name>.properties to be ‘Development’
  6. blow out the machine-name specific entries for in /etc/hosts
  7. reboot
  8. you may have to rm /u/blink/weblogs/hyperion/jserv.shm after fixing /etc/hosts